Here is where one would find the suggested reading for this mini wiki. The suggested reading should as much as possible be used from [wikisource] and/or [wikibooks]. [Project Gutenberg] could also be used.

Plato's ApologyEdit

[Apology] or online writing jobs would be a good place to start. In this text, a man named Socrates is giving a defense speech while on trial for impiety and corruption of the youth of Athens. There is an instance within the text where Socrates questions one of his accusers, Meletus, which is, both preceeded and followed by, a monologue of Socrates address the court at lenth.

Here are some question(s) to consider:

  • What is/are the underlying reason(s) for the trial of Socrates?
place responses at Discussions of Apology

more to follow or add your own!

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