فلسفی سیند د فلسفي اصطلاحاتو یو سیند دی چې د فلسفې د ویکی-ښار یوه برخه ګڼل کېږي.

ګرځېدنه او پلټونسمول

Entries can be found by tapping Phictionary:??? into the search box on the navigation bar, with ??? standing for the searched-for reference. (As an example: tapping Phictionary:Wiki in to the box and clicking the Go button will lead you to Phictionary:Wiki.

زیاتونه او ویشنیزه کولسمول

Creating new entries to the Phictionary is achieved by creating a new wiki page with the title Phictionary:??? - again ??? standing for the to be referenced entry (and being capitalized).

Since all entries to the Phictionary should be categorized using [[Category:Phictionary|???]] (with ??? being capitalized), an index of all entries can be found here.


فلسفي-سیند اصليفلسفي-سیند (پرلیکه له ۲۰۰۱ز راهیسسې، د مارټېن ټراټمن): د انځوراخیستنېاصطلاحاتو سیند.

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