Analysis of Mind, [[1]] Bertrand Russell. AM

City of God, [[2]] Augustine. CG

Critique of Pure Reason, [[3]] Immanuel Kant. K & KA & KB

Essay Concerning Human Understanding, [[4]] John Locke. L & LV

Fermat's Last Theorem, [[5]] Amir Aczel. FLT

From a Logical Point of View, [[6]] Willard Quine. FLPOV

Human Knowledge, Bertrand Russell. HK

Inquiry into Meaning and Truth, Bertrand Russell. IMT

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, Bertrand Russell. IMP

Logic and Knowledge, Bertrand Russell. LK

Mathematical Logic, Willard Quine. ML

Meditations, [[7]] Rene Descartes. D

Methods of Logic, Willard Quine. MOL

My Philosophical Development, Bertrand Russell. MPD

Mysticism and Logic, Bertrand Russell. MAL

New Essays, [[8]] G.W. Leibniz. Le

Ontological Relativity, Willard Quine. OR

Our Knowledge of the External World, Bertrand Russell. OKEW

Plato Complete Works, Edith Hamilton Ed. [[9]] P

Philosophical Essays, Bertrand Russell. PE

Philosophy of Leibniz, Bertrand Russell. PL

Philosophy of Logic, Willard Quine. POL

Principles of Mathematics, Bertrand Russell. PM

Problems of Philosophy, Bertrand Russell. PP

Roots of Reference, Willard Quine. RR

Selected Logic Papers, Willard Quine. SLP

Set Theory and Its Logic, Willard Quine. STL

Summa Theologica, [[10]] Thomas Aquinas. ST

Theories and Things, Willard Quine. TT

Three Dialogues, [[11]] George Berkeley. B

Treatise on Human Nature. [[12]] David Hume. H

Ways of Paradox, Willard Quine. WP

Word & Object, Willard Quine. WO

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